Five Most Effective Laundry Tips To Save Money

Dry Cleaners 13th February 2019

EPA has recently revealed that average US family does three hundred loads of laundry a year.  If you manage to make some changes in your laundry routine, then it will become easier for you to save a lot of money. Continue reading to know about the five most effective laundry tips that will help you to save money easily.

  1. Use Cold Water

These days almost all the laundry detergents are formulated to clean clothes in cold water. Overall it is fair to conclude that you can wash almost 90% of your clothes in cold water. It will help you to save 30 cents on a daily basis. However, you need to understand the fact that powder detergent may not dissolve well in cold water. So, if you want to switch from hot to cold water, then you also have to change your old powdered detergent.

  1. Use Generic Laundry Products

Instead of buying branded detergent you should consider buying generic store brand detergents, bleach and fabric softeners. If you find yourself satisfied by using this product, then you should stick with them. It will help you to save on detergent costs.

  1. Make Laundry Products

If you are aware of those chemicals that manufacturers use in commercial laundry products, then you can easily make your own homemade detergents, scent enhancers, fabric softener, starch, and other laundry products. You don't have to be a scientist to make these products. A little knowledge of laundry will do the job. It will help you to save around 10 – 20 cents per load of laundry.

  1. Use Vinegar

Individuals are always recommended to use vinegar as fabric softener and don't worry you won't smell like a pickle for adding vinegar to your laundry.  Add a half cup of white distilled vinegar in the final rinse water. It will help you to make your clothes softer. Vinegar will cost you much cheaper than the branded fabric softener. You can also use vinegar to banish mildew odor from your clothes.

  1. Use Less Detergent

If you can't stop using your favorite detergent, then use less. In fact, you should consider using half amount of recommended detergent. You can also add a half cup of baking soda in your laundry. It will improve the cleaning power of the detergent. So, by using less detergent and adding baking soda in it, you can easily save some bucks.

These are some of the most effective laundry tips that you need to follow to save money. You can also hire a professional company to address your laundry needs. By performing an online search, you will easily find several professional laundry service providers that offer much better services at a more affordable price than dry cleaners. You can hire such a company and save money on your laundry.