Diagnosis And Cerebral Palsy Treatment

Hospitals / Healthcare / Diagnostics / Medical Products Services 18th October 2020


For any medical conditions, there are two stages that are the most important and they are the diagnosis and the treatment stages.

In these stages, it is vital that the right diagnosis is done so that on the basis of the diagnosis the correct method of treatment can be chosen, and then the treatment can be done on the patient through which the patient can embark on the pathway of getting better.

What is Cerebral Palsy?

The series of chronic disorders that have an effect on the movement of the person due to damage done in the brain that is developing.

At the age of 2-3, this condition starts developing and the symptoms might start to crop up. It might also happen that the symptoms might start to change over time. Cerebral Palsy is termed as the condition that is a very common form of chronic childhood disability.

This condition is the impairment or complete loss of the motor function that leads to brain damage. When the brain is in the developing stage this condition starts developing such as when the child's brain is developing before birth, during birth, or the development that takes place after birth.

Symptoms of Cerebral Palsy?

At the examination done by the doctor only the cause of the symptoms might crop up but if the unusual movement is recorded in the child then it is important to consult the doctor at the earliest.

Some of the common symptoms of cerebral palsy are given as follows:

  • Baby starts to suck poorly or has a problem during feeding
  • Muscles of the child start to be stiffer
  • The unusual posture of the child that is more dominant to one side of the body.
  • No development in the motor skills that include rolling over, sitting up, or crawling

Diagnosis and Treatment

In the process of diagnosis of this treatment, the child's medical history is studies and the child has to undergo a physical exam through which the correct diagnosis can be done by the doctor.

The test and scans that the doctor requires in the diagnosis of the patient are the CT scans and MRI scans. The right diagnosis must be done as it is very important to note the symptoms that are been shown as they might change over time. In the process of cerebral palsy treatment, Stem Cell care India follows the pathway of Mesenchymal Stem Cells.