A Brief Look At The Development Of Microsoft Dynamics Business Solution

IT Software - ERP,CRM 11th July 2019


From years, Microsoft has contributed to the digitalization of business operations. Starting from small scale businesses up to large scale multinational businesses are assisted and operated through the solutions provided by Microsoft. Microsoft Business Solutions are most trusted and accepted business solution programs available in the market. They are constantly updating their technology and introducing new features and functionalities. Here is a brief and selective glimpse at what has changed so far, in terms of innovation.

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX and its functions:

Previously, Microsoft had created ERP and CRM solutions separately. There were particulars programs that served respective purposes. At this point, Microsoft Dynamics AX Solution used to be a part of their ERP solutions and performed the following functions.

  1. It is a multitasking software program which helps to manage a lot of business operations. Microsoft Dynamics Business solution Axapta helps to manage projects, control sales and supply chains, plan and schedule production and tackle ledger finance. Thereby, the client can have a one-stop solution to multiple problems.
  2. Microsoft Business solutions have an untouched reputation for efficient and consistent service. Microsoft Dynamics AX inherits the same. It provides every kind of facility and functionalities that would help a business grow in a global market. It makes a company globally scalable with its advanced opportunities.
  3. When it comes to business, it is very important to connect the dots. The retailers and the customers are the two dots that a company needs to connect and watch over to be successful. With warehousing, budgeting, transportation, e-commerce functionalities, etc, provided by Microsoft Dynamics solution Axapta, these two pillars can be strengthened further.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 and its functions:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 launched in 2016 and created a lot of buzzes immediately. The chief factor behind its popularity is the fact that Microsoft has finally brought ERP and CRM together under the same roof.

  1. This new line of Microsoft Dynamics business solution is sold in two editions with the help of implementation partners. One for small to medium scaled businesses and the other for medium to large scale businesses. Just like the editions, the packages are also different. Each version has to need specific functionalities.
  2. With Microsoft dynamics 365, one can control their sales purchase and supply chain, manage projects, improve or take care of marketing, manage retail operations. They also receive assistance with customer service and can profitably enjoy artificial intelligence.
  3. In 2017 however, the line of the application was rug packed and the ERP division of it came to be known as Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operation while the CRM parts are called customer engagement plans.

Clearly, there is quite a difference between the two. While Microsoft Dynamics Business solutions Axapta were a compact program with specific functionalities, it is now a significant part of the larger product line, i.e. Microsoft Dynamics 365. There is a larger scope under one roof. However, the use of Microsoft Dynamics AX is still persistent and the new version has also taken off well.


Over the years Microsoft has developed as a company and introduced new features and functionalities in their programs. They have even altered some of the business solutions. Here is a brief look at that.