5 Ways To Challenge Yourself At The Workplace

Recruitment / Staffing 05th October 2020


The career does much more to our lives than merely paying our paychecks. Besides, there is no fun element in our work if there’s no challenge to it. We must grow in our comfort zone but it is also equally important to keep challenging ourselves. Here’s how you can challenge yourself in the workplace.

  1. Expand your comfort zone

Nothing good ever happens in a comfort zone. The best way to challenge yourself is by trying to do things you never thought were possible for you. We all live in closed notions about our capacities. Know what your weaknesses are in your professional career and start working on it. For an instance, you might not be great at communicating. Well, try to change that. Challenge yourself to improvise your communication skills. Devise a SMART Goal which would help you achieve these seemingly impossible goals.

  1. Seek new opportunities

Consistency is great but it’s normal to feel stuck and bored with the same work again and again. Many times this monotonous work pattern makes us redundant and unproductive. Now, when you explore new opportunities you open yourself to growth. For an instance, if you are a content writer look for different ways to make your work more exciting. It can be anything like trying a new tool or changing your writing style. Such changes are both great and essential for your career growth.

  1. Learn new things

Volunteer to help a colleague or team with a project. Do so even when their work is different from yours. You may ask why it is important. Well, career advancements don’t happen by sticking to the same role for years. You have to acquire new skills through learning and practical exposure. Look for additional things you can add to your KRA. Always, keep evolving.

  1. Take complete responsibility for your work

Try to take end to end work responsibilities of your work in your hand. Let me explain that with an example.

Say for instance you are working as a content writer. However, SEO is undertaken by someone else. Well, this could be your opportunity to use SEO learning for your career growth. The effectiveness of content depends on keyword research. Now, when you are the sole person finding these keywords and using them in content, you become responsible for the overall effectiveness of the blog.

All in all, try to make your work as independent as possible.

  1. Communicate and keep exploring

Nothing can beat the benefits of efficient communication in your professional life. Besides, the easiest way to learn something is through direct communication. Communicate with your colleagues and professional network, learn new things, explore new areas, and challenge yourself ultimately.

Well, goals and targets imposed by companies work only when you believe in yourself. And you can only believe yourself when you challenge yourself. It’s the greatest motivating force of all.

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